Case Study

Case Study

How a Redesigned Website with SEO Helped a Gearbox Manufacturer Attract a $50K Client in the First Month of Going Live

The Problem

Power transmission manufacturing company Ingeco had a website, but it didn’t meet professional industry standards. It also wasn’t helping the company to attract any new International export business – an important need for the company.  

Ingeco approached Conveyz to help them build a website that would attract high-quality leads and grow their revenue at home and abroad. They wanted a website with a modern look that spoke to the current needs of their customers.  

Conveyz, an online marketing company located in Brisbane, Australia, was able to build them a website that quickly attracted a new client worth $50,000 in new business. What follows is how we did it.  

About The Company

Ingeco is a pioneer within the transmission industry that works to introduce new products while continually improving existing products, in order to meet advancing customer requirements. The company serves the railway, aerospace, steel, and cement industries. They strive to meet internal goals for product improvement, quality, and availability, all while maintaining a commitment to offering competitive pricing for its customers.  

The manufacturer’s parts are built using the best materials available and experienced engineering to ensure a smooth and safe power transmission experience for the end user. The company was founded in 1976 and places a premium on using the latest technologies and efficient manufacturing methods, while remaining committed to environmentally friendly and socially responsible standards.  

They needed a website that told their story and clearly reflected these values while improving visibility amongst their current and potential customers.

The Solution

A dynamic, modern website found on Google is a critical tool for all types of manufacturing companies. It’s a digital location where potential customers can get all the data available to make an informed purchasing decision for their company.  

This is exactly what we set out to build for Ingeco. One of the things we focused on heavily for this project was the digital architecture. We needed to create a website that made a complex business simple to understand, while showcasing their products in an attractive way. We created a WordPress website so that they could easily manage the site structure and easily be able to make content updates.  

We created detailed product descriptions and downloadable brochures that add value to the website. We added call to action forms that give customers the ability to order the parts they need directly from the website. We also included new graphics, videos, and created a vibrant design that matched the company’s color scheme. We made more visible use of company testimonials to provide a heightened level of social proof.

Increased website traffic by fixing the site structure to rank higher on google for certain keywords. If you have a website, but it is not generating leads, it is because it is not ranked on Google. People can’t find you.  

All of these factors work together for increased online presence and leads. The new design gave the company additional confidence in their selling and better positioned them as an expert within their industry.  

We also made the site responsive so that it was accessible to people browsing the site on all different types of devices, such as smart phones, tablets or desktop.  


The Audience

We worked with Ingeco to create a website that would appeal to a manufacturing audience in high-risk industries. 

The Result

The work that Conveyz performed for Ingeco showed immediate results. The company began to use the website while communicating with existing customers, improving the ability to upsell and make conversions. The user-friendly site has been used in sales calls, helping the customer to view the product and specifications in real time. The Ingeco website also attracted $50,000 in new business from a Swiss manufacturing company within the first month of being live. The initial enquiry came through the contact form on the newly redesigned website.

Services Offered

In order to meet the above objectives, Conveyz designed and developed a new website for Ingeco. We updated product images to meet and exceed current professional expectations and make them look their best. We planned videos, added new graphics, and placed strategic call-to-action buttons that made it easier for customers to take immediate action.

Conveyz helps manufacturing companies create dynamic websites that operate as a sales team asset while also increasing enquiries with high quality leads.

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